Probate (or Administration​/Reseal) Costs in Western Australia - 2024/2025

Current Fees - Last updated: 1 July 2024

There are three main categories of fees for applying for Probate (or Letters of Administration, or Resealing) in Western Australia:

1 Supreme Court of Western Australia Filing Fee

The Supreme Court of Western Australia a fixed cost for Probate applications. The current filing fee for the Supreme Court of Western Australia is $408.00. This will be payable directly to the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

2 Other costs

Other costs that may be incurred in the application for Probate include, but are not limited to:

  1. Costs associated with obtaining asset information, including asset values
  2. Costs associated with obtaining the required death certificate, and possibly additional certificate evidence depending on the type of application
  3. Searches
  4. Postage
  5. Law Firm Professional Services

3 Probate Solicitor Fees

National Probate and Estates Group

Hourly billable rates / phone calls / printing / postage?.
No. Unlike most firms, we do NOT charge an hourly rate for Probate (or Letters of Administration, or Resealing) applications, nor do we add on any hidden costs.

The entire cost for obtaining Probate (or Letters of Administration, or Resealing) will be clearly outlined to you before you decide to proceed.

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As a firm specialising in deceased estates, National Probate and Estates Group is uniquely positioned with sophisticated in-house automation and streamlined processes that enables us to offer highly competitive rates, usually much more affordable than a suburban law firm would charge.. We charge in accordance with the complexity of the matter, rather than as a percentage of the estate

Furthermore, we take into account the following when providing discounted quotes:

  • Straightforward wills
  • Simple estate structures
  • 2 or fewer executors
  • Other simplifying circumstances.

We are able to serve clients all across Australia as well as overseas. Get a quick quote for your consideration.

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